STAGING ANOTHER HOME - A Must for the Best Price

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After looking at these photos, look at my blog post about PAINTING.  Please also look at my other posts about renovations, staging, etc.


Text from a buyers agent about paint color:

paint color text



complimenting staging




A beautifully presented home gets attention.




These photos are after painting the purple walls to a soft white paint.  Painting is not enough.  The bathroom needs to be staged to look elegant and soothing.  Yes, staging is important when selling a home.  You see that painting and staging give a different look and attitude.  From "It's okay..." to "Pretty, it."


guest bath before and after


Let me ask you a simple question: Would you pay more for the home as it appears in the 'Before' photos or 'After' photos?  





guest bedroom before and after



guest bedroom before and after




This room was a hidden beauty.  Big difference now for buyers to see.


primary bathroom bathroom before and after


Stop back to see this after the fresh linens, soft light color pillows and throw rug.  Not finished yet, and you already see the difference.  Buyers also 'feel' the difference with the light, open room with updated decor.  A buyer will pay more money for the home that looks more updated.


primary bathroom bathroom before and after




primary bedroom before and after





bathroom vanity before and after





staged closets




The family wants to keep as much as the furniture as possible, so I added some of my decor and creative touches to create this fresher look and add character.  Yes, those Fred Flintstone tables are back in style.  The Gecko bird adds character.  The old window treatment was removed.

When buyers walk into this room now, it looks fresh.  No longer tired looking, but now upbeat and interesting.


office bedroom staged



office bedroom staged


A beautifully displayed home gets attention.