SELLERS: I discard, recycle, donate, stage!

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Home Improvement


If you want top dollar for your condo or home, let me guide you.  With 'buyers' eyes,' I will suggest what minor changes to make, and guide you to make your condo or home look its best.  I am not afraid to get dirty, have paint in my hair, or break fingernails lol. 

Small swaps or improvements often create significant visual differences.  

Prior to any steps, I will discard, bubble wrap and pack, recycle plastics, and donate clothes and household items to charities.  I refer to donating to charities as, "spreading the love."  The donated items will be worn or used by many people.  And, the proceeds benefit others to improve their lives.  No charge to you.


The photos below show the original rooms and my renderings that I made with Photoshop.  The renderings provide a vision of how the rooms will possibly look after painting, swapping out the old fans or lights, changing the old, cracked outlets, swapping out old knobs, and then staging. 

When all is completed (next week), the this 'gem' home will look appealing to potential buyers.  Buyers want eye candy.  






discard and donate household items



donating to charities



discard torn, broken, etc.


NEXT STEPS:  Suggestions and guidance to prepare your condo or home to get the best price, whether it is painting, making repairs, swapping out cracked, chipped, or corroded items.  When completed, I will stage to perfection to look like a magazine ad. 


And I am not afraid to get dirty!


After clearing the home of unwanted furniture and discardable items, the home is like a blank canvas ready for the 'icing.'



The photos below are the office bedroom.  Nice size room, but tired looking.  Goodbye old fan, old bookcases, old built in desk, outlet covers, door knobs, etc.  Now being painted in a soft and pearly beige.  Say hello soon to a beautiful and sophisticated room that will look similar to my Photoshop rendering I made using actual products.  Like night and day.  This room will look like a model home after the painting and swaps.  


office bedroom before and after


The 'real deal' photo below after painting, new lights, new hardware, staged.





As a buyer, would you move into the home with the primary bedroom on the left or right?  Stay tuned for the actual photo when the work is completed.  It is not going to look exact, but will look similar and just as beautiful.  The room is painted in a soft greige with light blue undertones...stunning and feels good walking into the bedroom.  I chose a silver comforter with gold threads to give the look and feel of elegance.... The pillows, decor...ooh la la.  


primary bathroom bathroom before and after


The rendering is my method of formulating creative ideas.  The photo below was taken after painting, new hardware, new lights, staged.






The photo on the left looks like old grandparents.  When buyers see old, tired linens and decor, they feel the 'blah' vibe.  Maybe old decor reminds them of their departed grandparents.  We have now created a fresh, updated look and feel.  When buyers see old linens and furniture, they are not seeing or feeling your condo or home at its finest.  If a realtor tells you that it does not matter..NO, untrue.  My photos show the true essence of how a condo or home should look to get the best price.  Think about it...if you were the buyer.

The Photoshop rendering on the right is my rendition of a modern look...modern, coastal grandparents.  Bye bye old pictures and decor.  I gave the comforters to the landscapers that were delighted to have them.  I donated the old pictures and decor to a children's charity that uses the proceeds to pay for needy children's medical and education.  On that note, I donated several boxes of unopened medical supplies like diapers, Poise pads, gauzes, and more to the charity.  I understand they give the medical supplies for free to those that need.

Next week, I will post photos of the actual room once the room is finished and staged.  New crystal fandeliar that adds character and function, new blinds, freshly painted in a pearly paint, new knobs, etc.  Some buyers will love this beautiful room for their guests.  Again...this is a rendering 'blueprint' that will look similar to the actual results.  Stay tuned...


guest bedroom before and after




The half bathroom is near the front of the home, and is the bathroom that guests will use.  Would you want your guests to see and use the bathroom on the left or right?  Simple swaps created a visually balanced beauty.  This bathroom will be finished soon also.


half bath now and rendering then actual