SELLERS and BUYERS - Painting is often a facelift

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Freshly painted walls are often a 'facelift' for a home.  Dark colors often look drab and make a home or condo look outdated.  Stark white paints are often cold, sterile, and maybe remind us of a doctor's office when we were children.  Nobody is offended by a soft white paint color with a hint of beige, blue, or greige.

Want to see a 'facelift' transformation with paint?  Photos taken almost the same time of the day.  No lights are on inside, yet the light color is mesmerizing.



This home is a gem in disguise.  It is open and has a happy vibe...but the paint colors are dark and dull.

Look at how paint colors make a huge visual impact.  Will be bright but not stark.


paint brightens the room



No stark white, yellowy white or blah beige.  This is creamy and inviting.

no blah beige









foyer entry

Simple elegance, mesmerizing and soothing. This is now what you see when you enter the home...light and dreamy.  The homeowners wanted to keep as much furniture as possible, so I worked with what they had and I added my decor and creative touches.


From blah to aww...

entry painted and staged



If you plan to sell your home, having it look its best is important.  You clearly see the difference looking at these photos.  Most Realtors® will tell you that everything is pretty and nice as is.  The truth is that it is not.  A buyer is willing to pay more for the home on the 'After' photo than the 'Before' photo. 

The reason why Realtors® will tell you that everything is fine is because it takes effort, creative talent and costs to stage.  Very few agents have a storage unit with furniture and decor.  It is a financial investment and a responsibility to store everything, plan what goes where, and to schedule and pay a few people to move it to the condo or home.  And when the condo or home is sold, the furnishings are removed, wrapped carefully, and moved back to the storage unit.  It is exhausting, but in a good way.  Now you understand why very few Realtors® stage homes.  It is easier to take the listing, post the listing on MLS, and pray that it gets sold.  However, staged homes sell faster and for more money.  The photos speak the truth.

If you have original decor, it must be staged.  If your decor is over a decade old, chances are it needs to be staged with fresh pillows, spatially or creatively rearranged, and more.  It is important to have 'Buyers eyes.' 

When potential buyers are looking at photos online, a beautiful staged home that looks like it belongs in an ad is desirable.  It looks clean, fresh and upbeat.  A home that looks dark and dreary will probably be passed over or viewed as a handyman special.  This all makes sense.

The sofa, gold side tables, rug, coffee table and coffee table decor are the homeowners.  The white leather chair was from another room.  The old floral chairs and pillows were donated to a children's charity.  Buyers often perceive floral chairs and sofas as an 'old Florida grandma's furniture.'   

I added many light color, soft pillows, sofa throw, and plant.  I used Folk Art paints to paint the braids on the coffee table, and I also painted the rough chips and faded areas on the green coral piece a light blue shade.  I then rearranged the decor pieces on the coffee table.   

Why did i repaint pieces?  Respect and repurpose.  The furniture and decor that belong to the homeowners will stay with the home.  

Here I am for you.  At no cost to you.  I will then have your home professionally photographed and list it with Coldwell Banker Realty, a trusted name in the industry.


staged living room

A home that looks like a magazine ad sells quicker and for more money according to studies.


living room family room area

The old valances were removed.  These rooms were freshly painted with a light greige paint that looks light blue (turned out awesome). 

The homeowners wanted to use as much of their (sentimental) furniture as possible.   The rug is the homeowners'.  The white chair was from the office/bedroom.  The pillows and decor are mine.  I repainted some of the old decor to update it.  These rooms now look fresh and inviting.   It is now happy vibe.  This look is now desirable for buyers.  When potential buyers look at photos online, they will be excited to see the beauty.

Note:  No lights are on, yet the soft and light color paint lightens the room naturally (almost the same time of the day).





text about paint color






can paint furniture to look elegant





repaint and repurpose




kitchen before and after






office/guest bathroom painted

This is the office/guest bathroom near the entrance.  From rag splashed paint to a soft white creamy beige paint.  Elegant.  Bathroom not staged/decorated yet.  


blue bathroom painted staged

The entire look from start to finish.  Lightly staged.  A buyer will be proud to show and have guests use this bathroom.







As you can see from the photos, painting a fresh, soft white paint is a 'facelift' for a room with dark walls.  It makes the home or condo look updated.  A beautiful paint color adds a spark of joy.  Lights are not on in these photos that were taken in the late afternoon, yet the light color on the walls is still an uplifting boost.



GUEST BATHROOM adjoining the Guest Bedroom


Guest bathroom before and after painting

The purple bathroom was the trend decades ago, but not in today's world unless it is Disney or a nursery school.  The purple bathroom walls make this guest bathroom look outdated although the shower tiles and tub look like new.  This bathroom was a hidden beauty.  Again you see that painting with a soft white color is a 'facelift.'  This paint color is a soft, creamy white.  Look at the next photo to see the simple, elegant staging.  As you see from the photos, each step makes a visual difference.



guest bathroom after painting and staging





purple bathroom after staging

Guest bathroom after painting and staging.  Buyers want to see a fresh and soothing bathroom.  They envision proudly showing their guests the lovely bathroom.




bathroom before and after painting

From rasberry rag splashed painted walls to elegant, soft creamy white walls.  The walls now look clean, fresh and relaxing.  The soft white walls are soothing to the eyes and mind.  Your primary bathroom is a place where you want peace of mind...


primary bathroom staged