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Eliminating cleaning products with toxic chemicals may benefit both health and the environment.  It is possible to take other measures and still accomplish cleaning tasks.



Many cotton mops tend to become heavy when water absorbs into the strands.  The cotton mops are exhausting to wring the excess water.  In addition, the mops take several days to completely dry.  And the cotton mops tend to smell moldy or like mildew because of the moisture retention.  

This Libman mop is my favorite because it is lightweight and dries fast.  It also easily mops up small food particles on the floor.  Since the lightweight strands quickly dry, it tends to result in less bacterial growth.

After purchasing the mop, pry the strands apart (see the three strands together).  While mopping, I wring the mop 5x to remove the excess water.  The mop head can be washed many times.  After several months when the mop head is worn or too dirty to use, you can replace the mop head.  


libman mop and mop head


CLEANING AN OVEN WITHOUT NASTY CHEMICALS...why bake chemicals into your food?  Why inhale toxic chemicals?

This oven was a mess.  Some liquid spilled all over the inside on the bottom.  

I made a mixture of baking soda and dishwashing detergent to clean the greasy, grimy oven to look new.  I used a Dobie Sponge.  Yes, it took some effort.  However, the end result was a new looking oven.  To note: I rinsed the oven several times to remove the cleaning concoction.  

There is a self cleaning oven option, but I do not like how hot the oven becomes, and I do not like the burning smell in the air.  

DIY oven cleaner



"No thanks, bacteria."

Sponges need to air out to avoid bacteria.  Regular sponges take days to dry rather than hours.  These Dobie sponges (3 pack for $3.29 at Publix) are lightweight, do not scratch, and dry rather quickly.  Lay them on a rack to dry.



The tops of kitchen cabinets tend to become dusty and grimy over the months.  I found this Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day is the best cleaner for almost everything.  Mrs. Meyer's products contain many botanical ingredients.  I am a fan of Mrs. Meyer's, Seventh Generation, and other USA made, Earth friendly, biodegradable cleaning products.  

I use a Dobie sponge--my favorite because it is lightweight, does not scratch, and dries quickly (see photo above).  I wore a glove while cleaning this cabinet surface because it was very grimy to touch.  After I finished this cleaning project, I discarded the sponge because it was old and worn, and also because the grime was too much to rinse completely.  

If you are on a ladder to clean the tops of your cabinets, please have somebody stand behind you.  No Humpty Dumpty please.


clean the tops of kitchen cabinets


I found Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day spray to be the best cleaner for grout.  Yes, this eco-based botanical product actually delivers as promised.  I used a children's/baby's soft toothbrush to clean the grout, and I wiped the area with paper towels or a soft cloth.  If I used a soft cloth, I rinsed it frequently. 


clean grout

Mrs. Meyer's Vinegar Gel is another good product for cleaning the oven or cooktop.  The Vinegar Gel was purchased on Amazon (also Mrs. Meyer's Glass Cleaner) since I never found in stores.

vinegar gel