FLORIDA BLUE SKIES have interesting patterns

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Florida is known for blue skies.  Sometimes the blue skies have interesting patterns.


Look at the picture below to see the sun's rays beaming through the clouds.  The various shades of blue clouds are layered like hills.  Florida daytime skies are often intriguing.  Marvel at nature's art.

blue skies

Look at the photo below to see the interesting patterns and colors.  Take a moment each day to observe the cloud patterns.  They are nature's simple beauty...

blue skies with blue rays


Look at the photo below of the blue skies before a storm set in.  Yes, it rained hard for several minutes, then stopped.  Minutes later the sunshine returned. 

sky before a storm


Look at the photos below to see the interesting cloud patterns as the sun's rays shine through.

blue skies with clouds


Look at the photo below to note the many shades of blue with the layered clouds.  No two skies are the same.

layered clouds


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