Create a backyard Florida paradise

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You think of tropical flowers and plants in Florida... 

You imagine yourself sipping lemonade or a tropical drink as you relax outdoors...

When you see photos of yards that look dull, blah or neglected, keep in mind that you can create your own tropical oasis.  Plants and rocks, along with sculptures create a masterpiece for you and your family or friends to enjoy.  Color creates a feel good vibe, especially with the blue skies Florida displays.

Plants that grow tall quickly may block the view of homes in the background.  Plants may cover an unsightly fence.  The plant named Clusia is a good plant that serves the purpose.

Here is an example of a yard that needs some love.  The pool is pretty and clean looking.  The yard is blah and not the look or vibe of Florida paradise.  It needs color and balance, and it also needs some fun goodies for the pool.  Yippee!

Of course we need some cold and delicious lemonade.  :)


Backyard blah



Step one - Idea to ponder - suggested to add privacy shrubs to cover the fence and possibly block out the views of the homes in the background.  Clusia plants grow quickly, and in a short time, the homes seen from the yard will be less.  Then fill in the yard with colorful plants and flowers.   Create a fun ambiance with pool goodies.


add privacy shrubs




Add pops of color to boost the ambiance.


Look at this rendering that may be your backyard paradise.  Swim, relax, play pool games.

Florida paradise backyard

So keep in mind that there is hope for original interiors with renovations and backyards that need some creative love.  And here I am...the creative mind to guide you with ideas.

As a creative person, I continually take staging and decorating classes to expand my knowledge and get new ideas.

Question:  What real estate agent has these skill sets?   Another Realtor® will simply show you a handful of homes.  My skill sets kick in with practical ideas to see the condo or home with minor changes or total renovations.  I can also envision the layout of the condo or home with furniture or decor. 

No, I am not a contractor nor a landscaper.  I am a Realtor® and stager with a creative mind and many talents.  :)