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I am sure you Northerners are questioning if you can handle hot summers in South Florida.  On that note, I will post the latest temperatures. 

Today was hot.  Saw 92 degrees.  However, if you live in NJ, your temperature was not so different.  This morning, your humidity was 2% higher than here.  And Long Island was 1% more humid than here.  At 2 p.m., the humidity here was only 6% to 9% higher.  Regardless of whether you are up north or here, you would probably stay out of the sun and enjoy the air conditioning.   

At 91 degrees, people were out in the stores shopping.  You acclimate.  My car seat was not scorching after I was in a store for 15 minutes to so.   

Hair in a ponytail, hat with a visor, 50 SPF sunscreen...


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This is a wise time to buy a condo or home.  Why?  The snowbirds left at the end of May.  Whatever inventory is available, you are not competing against as many buyers.  When the season is peak in the wintertime, many potential buyers are looking because they are here for the season.  At that point, there is disappointment for many.  So think about buying your condo or home now and have it move-in ready by the time you arrive.  Everything is done online these days.  And you can trust Coldwell Banker Realty, a trusted name in the industry.

I am more than happy to Facetime Live or Google Duo Live to show you any condo or home you are interested in seeing.  I have been successful with this strategy with buyers.  


Thursday, July 7, 2022

9 and 10 degrees hotter here than NY.  11 degrees hotter than NJ.  However, NJ is more humid today.

Humidity:  53% here.  53% Long Island.  56% NYC.  65% in NJ.   The same or more humid up North.  You would probably stay indoors to keep cool either up North or here in South Florida.  So yes, you can handle South Florida summers.


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