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Home Improvement

This is an original home that the sellers want to renovate and sell. 

Stay tuned to see the love I put into making it presentable after all of the renovations.

If you buy a home that is 'omg' original, I am here for you...I not only sell you the

condo or home, but I will guide you along with renovations.  I will help choose light fixtures, 

floors, tiles...



I am a creative thinker that can look at a kitchen or room and possibly envision how to reconfigure.  I think of ideas.  You and your contractor make the designs, final plans and decisions.  That is what differentiates me from other real estate agents.  

Let's find a condo or home that you like: the location, the view, the amenities, and more.  



redo kitchen layout

There is often potential for opening a kitchen and creating an open concept look.  Yes, it is effort, but well worth that effort.  Maybe you will find it exciting to make a kitchen your personality.  "I like blues...a little green...creamy background..."



First things first...get rid of this 1999 furniture.  Donated the furniture to 9-Pickup, which benefits needy children with their education, medical and other needs.

removed all furniture that was an eyesore


DINING ROOM (photos below)

dining room gutted


dining room renovated


dining room original and after

From dull, stale and outdated to fresh and lively.  



popcorn on ceilings removed





goodbye original primary bedroom

Carpet is not such a great idea for bedrooms in South Florida: the dust, etc.  We found carpets to be a mistake.  However, we have a few rugs.  Luxury wood-look floors can look beautiful.  I am not a fan of the busy looking wood-look floors.  I am a fan of *FloorScore® Certified or GreenGuard Certified floors that look authentic.  Some of these wood-look floors look so genuine that you cannot tell the difference.  Look at how elegant these floors look.  And if Fido does an oops, you should be fine if the floors are pet proof like these.     *indoor air quality (IAQ) certification standard 


primary bedroom redo


primary bedroom after


staging primary bedroom

This was ugh...and now renovated.   I am starting to stage it to look elegant and comfortable.


Let's rewind back to the original and compare to today.

primary bathroom bathroom before and after



primary BR after renovations and staging




Primary Bathroom

primary bathroom gutted

Next steps...

primary bath renovations


primary bathroom renovations

The owner picked out these tiles.  The stones on the shower floor and wall are a nice 'Earthy' touch.  A few minds together created this lovely uplifting bathroom.


primary bathroom renovated

Light, uplifting, fresh.  Now it needs some 'love' with decor.  



primary bathroom bathroom before and after



The Results:


primary bathroom after


European style sinks

primary bathroom after


Balance and beauty.




KITCHEN look at this kitchen gutted.  Everybody loves a beautiful kitchen...even if they only make coffee.

original kitchen gutted

kitchen gutted


ideas for kitchen layout

This is an example of thinking 'out of the box' and seeing the potential of a home.  Expressing ideas by thinking of daily life...maybe put this here or put this there.  Now look at the photo below of the new kitchen progress so far.

kitchen in progress


kitchen update


Renovated & Staged:

kitchen renovated and staged




new kitchen light



lc kitchen


You look at the countertop many times a day getting water, food, coffee, and more. 

quartzite countertops

This stone is not your typical granite with annoying black dots and splotches.  These colors are smooth and flowing like a Van Gogh painting.  The backsplash needs backsplash tiles that are not a busy pattern and blend.  


Helping find backsplash tiles that have personality, but are not overwhelming busy.

renovated kitchen backsplash tiles


Now compare the before and after photos of the kitchen:

kitchen before and final

Look at the transformation from blah to wow.  



Guest Bedroom 

Yes, this is the same room.  A hidden beauty in disguise.   Buyers, I can envision how a condo or home will look after renovations. 

Popcorn ceiling gone and ceiling painted white.  Removed:  Old blinds, window treatment, carpet, light fixture...bye bye.   Hello soft white Sherwin Williams walls, light oak, pet proof Shaw floors, new light fixture, new blinds.  

guest bedroom renovations

Photo above:  goodbye original decor. 




Helped sellers choose many updates:  lights, tiles, paint, countertops slab, etc.

helped choose tiles

Like online dating, the lighter tiles did not look like the picture at all.  They looked gray and splotchy.  Open another box...same.  Back to the store.  


perfect tiles for guest bath

The new replacement tiles for that bathroom.  Will go perfect with the new creamy colored floor tiles.  Amen. 

Well...Said amen too soon.  Contractor picked up the tiles that the homeowner ordered.  Yep...opened the box and not the tiles we ordered.  After holding them in place and looking at several tiles, we decided they blend in nicely and will look elegant.  Meant to be.  We will keep them.


tiles swap

guest bath renovations


guest bath before and after

New shower and floor tiles.  Double shower heads.  No more shower curtain; there is a new frameless shower.  New toilet, new light, new modern cabinet with sink and gorgeous countertop.  New waterproof blind.  Elegant mirror.  Toilet paper on stand.  




Below is my rough draft layout for the office/den.  I am not a professional, but I took an interior design class for a semester in graduate school.  I gave this layout to their contractor to get an idea for a closet.  Our thinking caps are on...

They are adding a closet, which is much needed.  The other specs for this layout are for somebody to envision how to possibly balance this room.  The 'vision' is important whether a seller or buyer.  Buyers often do not have a vision, and I can help provide that vision.

den layout

Yes, revised again after this draft.  Did a reverse layout of the plan above and tweaked otherwise.  If somebody puts a desk in the corner on the right side by the window, that is the 'best thinking, best business' section according to a writer of Architectural Digest.  All good.  See the beautiful completed look soon.  


Den renovations

This room is the den/office/middle bedroom.  It now has a closet to hang garments and store things.  The old, obsolete doors on these older models hit the furniture or whatever was on the sides.  This issue is now resolved.  Thinking cap is on...stay tuned to see my idea for barn doors.  No...not like the barn doors on a stable with horses that you saw on a farm.  LOL.  This is a modern spin on barn will see.  BTW I saw these same barn doors in a $1.6m home.  I came up with the idea of using European barn doors and found these particular barn doors before I saw that home listed.  


renovated den/office





Den Doors

installing barn doors


old den doors and new den doors


old doors and barn doors





new barn doors and lights




Look at my happy buyers.  We keep in contact.  Some buyers do take the time to write a review or testimonial.  They are happy and grateful to be in a condo or home they love.   :)


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