Advantages and Disadvantages of Moving to Florida

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"Hmm...maybe we should move to Florida.  Our kids are on their own. 

Our house is too expensive to maintain.  The winters depress me.

These cold winters wreak havoc on my knees."



"Why do we need to stay up North?  We work from home.

We want to enjoy the outdoors all year long.

The kids will love it as well.  We can go to the beach,

play tennis, and take long walks all year long.

No more dismal skies...we want to see blue skies."


"Mom and Dad are not getting any younger.  

They no longer need their home and it requires

maintenance they can no longer do.  We can

all move to South Florida and share one house.

The kids will have their grandparents, and we

will save on housing since we will live together.

We will be able to save money for our kids'

college tuition."


fleeing to florida




Advantages of moving to Florida


-  Property taxes, especially if you move from a home to a condo or villa.  For example, property taxes for a condo or villa may run $2000 yearly.  For a home, perhaps $3500 plus here.  


- Electric bill.  For a condo, perhaps $60 to $70 monthly here.  For a home, perhaps you will pay $150 here.  No heating bill; most of us have all electric.  The amounts above are the possible numbers.


-  No snow plowing.  No home repairs due to a cold and snowy winter.

cold day ny


Snow in NY


-  Beautiful all year.  Blue skies, nice winters.  

blue skies


florida blue skies patterns


-  Beautiful beaches.  

ocean inlet park


ocean in Boynton Beach


- Many nice places to casually dine on the water.

prime catch bb


-  Dine outdoors all year long.  Enjoy the fresh air.  

dine out all year long


-  No state income tax.


-  Many cultural events.  Plenty of activities to keep busy.  NY talent travel here, and the shows are great.  

culture and events


-  Many clubhouses have entertainment.

valencia isles entertainment


-  Many communities have clubhouses with resort style swimming pools, fitness centers, card rooms, tennis, bocce ball, and more.  Some communities have cafes on premises.  Many communities have events where you meet others and develop friendships.

beautiful active clubhouses


clubhouse cafes


platina in Boynton Beach


-  If you live in a condo, no need to personally repair the roof or mow the lawn.  There may be a manager on site for any issues.


-  If you live in a community with a COA or HOA, many include internet/cable, maintenance, clubhouse with amenities, lawn care, and more.  


-  Many dog friendly establishments.  Spend more quality time with your fur friend.

dog friendly establishments


dog menus

take dog everywhere


-  Laid back lifestyle, but not boring.


-  See flowers, colorful trees and shrubs all year long.  During the winter months when it is all brown and dismal looking up North, see colorful, flowering trees in South Florida.  Sit outdoors and hear birds sing as you sip a glass of ice tea or wine.

colorful flowers all year long


colorful shrubs all year


-  Beautiful birds, cute ducks, turtles and other nature.  Plenty of free nature trails and parks to enjoy nature and creatures.  While people up North are shivering and complaining, you can enjoy a nature walk and later sip a cool beverage outdoors at a restaurant.

butterflies and ducks




-  Walk, bicycle, play sports and be active outdoors all year long.  

valencia isles sports



Disadvantages of Moving to Florida


- Summers are hot and humid.  However, it is often hot and humid up North during the summer months.  If it is hot, enjoy the air conditioning and stay out of the sun. 


- Hurricanes (not that often).


- Growth.  There is population growth here (other places also).  


-  Snakes and alligators.  Alligators tend to stay in or around the water if they are around.  Many Floridians have never seen an alligator or snake.   If you are a walker, you may see a snake on a sidewalk.  Some residents have never seen a snake.  Do not walk near a pond or lake.  Watch where you walk.  

alligator and iguana



- South Florida is relatively flat.  




If your concern is living on a lower budget, perhaps moving to Florida is advantageous for you.  Perhaps your electric bill is currently $500 monthly, heating bill average $500 monthly, property taxes $1000 monthly…  South Florida may be a wise move to live on a lower budget. 

Please call or text me to ask with any questions.  Please also continue to read my blog posts. :)


Disclaimer:  All information here is a matter of opinion.  You must speak with a financial advisor to determine what is best for your budget and lifestyle.  :)


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Susan Roberts, Realtor® BA MSEd SRES® (in progress)       

My credentials:

Realtor® - member National Association of Realtors.  Completed Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice 

BA - Bachelor of Arts in Food and Nutrition: food science, health and wellness

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