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Home Improvement


You may look at a condo or home and not realize the potential.  You may say, "No, it needs work.  I want a turn-key, move-in home."   Nearly all resale homes need some renovations.  If there is a renovated condo or home, it is a slim chance it has the colors you prefer.  Create your own masterpiece and love it every day.  No saying, "Well...I guess I can live with that."  



Sometimes starting with painting alone gives a facelift.  It may brighten rooms.  And if some furniture is left, you may be wondering how to work with what you have.  I am here for you as a creative agent.  

Last week I took a two hour staging and trends class with HGTV celebrity Nikki Watson.  I also took another 1-1/2 hour staging and trends class with a well-respected company.  In one week alone, I took 3-1/2 hours of staging and trends classes.  Learning is never ending.


Here is an example of a room that looks dull and outdated.  Painting alone brightens the room.  I did a Photoshop rendering to show potential with what is there already.  Giving the room character, I made this rendering using three paints in a gradient style.  Ceilings 'lift' the room with white paint.  The trend is to use different colors as focal walls or to give a room its own personality with color.


Front to back view.  This is the visual the minute somebody enters the home.  The dark gold paint dates this room.  It is tired looking and drab.

living room with 3 paint colors


I made this color palette with Photoshop.  The next step is to go to the paint store to buy paint samples.  Paint colors often do not look like what we envision, so many samples usually resolve that issue.  The end result is usually, "I love it."